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Military Geographic Branch - know the history.

It is not much you will find about the history of The Danish Military Geographic Branch in the archives since the Second World War.
We encourage Danes who have served in our unit to make comments about the history of the Branch.
What we know is that the Engineer Inspector General once in 1967 wrote that drawings of Danish bridges was to be sent to the branch for inspection and evaluation as to the military use of the bridges.
Apparently the branch was established as a section within the Engineer School.
Since then the unit experienced ups and downs - up sizing and down sizing - during the years.
Finally in 2003 on the 1st of January the Military Geographic Branch was established as we know it today. The Branch consists of two sections the Map Section and the GIS Section all in all 14 personnel (you can see the current organisation here).

Logo of the Branch

The branch logo is basically a globe depicting Denmark as the predominant (only) country. The globe is surrounded by the teaching ring (see logo above) which an old engineer tool for constructions. It is a weaved basket designed for field fortifications and other Army constructions (see pictures below). The outer ring of the badge contains the name of the branch (in Danish) and the abbreviation for The Danish Army Engineer and NBC Defence School (HIAS) which the branch is a part of.
The predominant colours are yellow and black which are the traditional colours of the Engineer troops.

Figure 1: The "Teaching Ring".

You can see some of the branch´s former arm badges here


Claus E. Andersen
Head of Branch