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Denne artikel på dansk, tak!

Article on status and development within
traditional mapping in the Army.
(Army maps and paper maps)

This is a walk through of developments within the traditional field of army paper maps during the last three years - and an overview of what will come in the nearest future.

Following subjects will be touched upon:
- Map series M715,
- The Terrain and Traffic Map,
- Danish Defence Digital Map Collection (VisiT M+),
- Field Manual for Map Reading.

Paper Maps

Series M715 1:50.000 (2 cm)

Within this area something has recently happened. Actually there are no new map series which will be implemented but gradually existing series will be updated. The series M715 has more than 30 well on in years. This fact prompted the Danish Mapping Agency (Kort og Matrikelstyrelsen - in short KMS) to consider updating the map series. In autumn 2000 a working party made a suggestion as to how the “new” M715 should look like.
The series M715 is made by KMS against a background of TOP10DK which is a digital based map (in vector-format) in the scale of 1:10.000. It is brought up to date against a background of aerial photos in a five year cycle. It is therefore intended that the M715 map series should be updated following the same cycle.
The publishing of maps with new cartography was instigated in 2001 with four map sheets. Among others the maps designated Struer and Lemvig, as a consequence you might still find maps with old cartography dating from 2001. This renewal will be finished in 2011 where all the map sheets in the series will have gone through this process.
All right then how does this look? You might naturally want to look at the year of publishing which is printed in column of the map. Some new symbols have been implemented, I will only mention a few.
For example:

Hospital Various road numbers: Motorway, Primary Route, Secondary Route. Mile Stone. Industrial Areas Live Fire Range. Electrified Railroad
Hospital Route Numbering Sign for mile stone Industry Live Fire Range Electrified Railway

Example of some of the new symbols on the updated M715-series

For hospitals and numbering of roads you will see symbols much like the ones you see in real life.
Industrial areas are now clearly out lighted in the maps. The symbol for industry is also used in the country. Firing ranges owned by the Danish Defence or the Danish Rifleman Associations are shown on the maps. The map will tell you whether the railroads are electrified or not.
Symbols in stead of text will enable the user to get a quick overview.

Here is an example of the series M715 with new symbols.

The series Use of the Terrain (TB) 1:200.000
This map series was published only for Zealand and the island Bornholm in the Baltic Sea. As the years went by it was expanded to cover the whole of Denmark. The map will with hatching and lines show the following themes:

  • Protected woods,
  • Sensitive areas,
  • Areas with no military activity,
  • Military training areas/live firing ranges,
  • Borders of the territorial defence,
  • Map division for 1 cm and 2 cm maps.

The maps are designated for use by exercise planners and participants and others. It is the intension that the map should help minimize the number of exercise damages.
The map series consists of four sheets:

  • Area one: Northern part of Jutland,
  • Area two: Central part of Jutland,
  • Area three: Southern part of Jutland and Funen,
  • Area four: Zealandic islands and Bornholm.

The different map are many different editions and have many different issue dates, for instance is area four in edition five from the year 2000, whereas area one edition two is from the year 1997.
This is clearly unsatisfactory and therefore a revision of the map series has been initiated. The four areas in question will be reissued during the next four years.

  • 2003 Area 3: Southern part of Jutland and Funen,
  • 2004 Area 1: Northern part of Jutland,
  • 2005 Area 2: Central part of Jutland,
  • 2006 Area 4: Zealandic islands and Bornholm.

The order of the revision has been planned so that the oldest maps will be replaced first. Many map users have requested a traffic map for the army. In view of this it has been decided to change the map series for this use, and as a consequence the name of the series is changed in connection with new issues to:

The terrain and traffic map (TT)

At the same time the classification has been changed so that the new map series will be "NATO Unclassified" which will make storage of the map easier and it can now be kept in the glove compartment of all military vehicles.

During the last years the army has implemented a digital image map program in order to be able to display maps on computers. This map program is called "VisiT M+". The program which is developed of KMS has been undergoing several revisions which are not yet finished. The newest edition of VisiT M+, edition U2, saw the light of day in autumn 2003. Besides the map display the user now has the possibility of inserting unit symbols from a list directly onto the map. You are also offered the opportunity to make map overlays and other simple drawings on the map. With the U2 edition you will be able to print your overlay without the map or on the map as you choose.
As mentioned earlier the development of this little piece of mapping software has not finished yet. During the next years we plan to further develop the software with some drawing facilities (still user friendly) and we also plan to extend the list of unit symbols including enemy symbols according to STANAG. The new and final edition of VisiT M+ will be issued in late 2004 or early 2005.

The Danish Defence Digital Maps (FDK)

Besides VisiT M+ there is the Danish Defence Digital Map Collection (FDK) which consists of three CD-ROMs.
The following map series are contained in the map collection:

Series - 1404 1:500.000
Series - 1501 1:250.000
Series - M618 1:100.000
Series - M715 1:50.000
Serie - M715 B-CCM 1:50.000
(Bridge and Cross Country Movement Maps)
Special Maps  
Use of the terrain 1:200.000
Series Exercise and Live firing range maps 1:25.000

FDK will be issued in a yearly cycle with updates in the month of June, each year the launching of CD-ROMs will ensure that paper maps and digital maps are updated simultaneously.
In the version of FDK which was issued in 2003 the following firing ranges were included:

- Oksbøl,
- Borris,
- Hevring,
- Jægerspris,
- Raghammer Odde,
- Stold,
- Melby,
- Tranum and
- Rømø

At the end of the update in 2004 it is planned that the FDK is expanded to contain maps covering exercise areas. Following maps will be included:

- Holstebro,
- Nørre Uttrup,
- Finderup,
- Høvelte-Sandholm & Sjælsmark,
- Kulsbjerg,
- Antvorskov,
- Almegårds Barrcks,
- Skive,
- Næstved.

The Field Manual for Military Map Reading

The present manual with the title "Guidance for the use of Army Maps" dates back from 1959 and has been due for replacement for many years. We have rewritten the manual and are expecting to releasing it late 2004.

If you want additional information you are more than welcome to contact me.

Warrant Officer E.S. Brodersen.